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This ain't your mama's mousepad. (Or is it? Give it back.)

  • We got Qi (*your*) back with 2-in-1 multifunction smartness: A mouse pad & Qi charging pad rolled into one. Keep your phone nearby & charging while you work.
  • Slim enough to pack in your bag for travel but large enough to accommodate your mousework. Equipped with overcharge protection. Red light illuminates when the Power Pad is plugged in to a power source & blue light illuminates when a device is charging. Blue light blinks repeatedly if it detects a non-compatible object.
  • How do I set it up? Provided cable connects the Power Pad to your laptop, USB hub, or other power source. Plug into wall adapter for fastest charging. Plug into your laptop for more convenient but slower charging.
  • How do I use it? Simply place your Qi-capable phone directly on the charging symbol to charge while you scroll. Works with thin cases that do not hinder wireless charging.
  • Fancy vegan leather surface provides for skip-free mouse use, inner core is lightweight yet durable & microfiber underside prevents slippage on your desk. Dust & water resistant.
  • Materials: PU + PC + Board + Microfiber.
  • Specs: 8 5/8 x 11 3/4”. 1/4” thickness. 15W output.

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