Hot Pepper Jelly

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Hot Pepper Jelly is a Southern favorite and ours is made in Kentucky from my family recipe.   Amber colored with bits of red and green peppers. It has the perfect combination of sweet and sass—a little heat.   It is not a jelly that you would typically serve for breakfast—like strawberry or grape—although chances are it would be delicious on a hot biscuit or breakfast sandwich. 

It is more of a savory concoction, extremely versatile that pairs well with so many things.  Hot Pepper Jelly is one of the best kept secrets in the condiment world! So delicious on a hamburger.

Our Hot Pepper Jelly is perfection spooned over cream cheese served on a rich, buttery cracker. A favorite appetizer served at my parent’s legendary cocktail parties, this jelly will level up any charcuterie board. It makes entertaining so easy.

Simple ingredients.

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